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The Law Office of Patricia Hoffmann provides New Jersey and California clients with business transactional law, estate planning, and real estate closing advice and services.

Patricia Hoffmann is an active member of the New Jersey and California State Bars. A graduate of California Western School of Law, Patricia interned for well-known trial lawyer David Thompson before opening her own practice in 1993. Since then she continues to grow her office based upon client satisfaction and referrals.

Patricia sets her Law Office apart by following some simple but "golden" rules:

* Attorney/Client communciation is key. All calls and messages are returned promptly.
* Work that is not a good "fit" for the Law Office is referred elsewhere.
* Weekend & Evening appointments are never a problem.
* Meeting at a client's home or business can be arranged.
* Paralegal and/or Legal Secretaries are used whenever possible to keep costs down.
* The latest technology is harnessed to keep accuracy up and costs down.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I am a considering starting my own company (or I am currently a sole proprietor). Do I need to change and become a corporation or an LLC? What is the difference?

A. Sole Proprietorship equals personal liability. If you become a corporation or an LLC, you can protect your personal assets. Becoming a corporation versus a Limited Liability Company depends on your growth goals, how many owners in the company and where you are planning on doing business. A corporation can be small with only one owner, but it can grow as big as you need it to. An LLC can have one member (owner), but generally does not exceed ten members. You need to keep in mind that not all states recognize LLCs.

Q. I have been asked to sign a Contract, do I really need an attorney before I sign it?

A. You need to keep in mind that the person or company that has asked you to sign the Contract is the one that wrote the Contract. More than likely, they wrote the Contract to protect themselves, not you. You need to understand what the Contract says and what rights you have or are giving up. If you don’t know that, then it is better to consult an attorney before signing the Contract rather than when a problem arises afterward.

Patricia Hoffmann has helped many clients over the past 20 years answer these questions and more. Her office helps clients determine what type of business structure is right for them and assists them in maintaining the integrity of their business and protecting them from personal liability. If a time comes when they need to end the business, she assists them in dissolving the business the “right” way. Patricia drafts, reviews or modifies Contracts for her clients, further protecting them and their rights.

A Durable Power of Attorney allows you to name an individual or company to handle your health decisions, financial decisions or carry out a particular task on your behalf, while you are alive. Upon your death, it has no legal effect. Upon your death, a Will is used to instruct the Probate Court who to name as a Guardian for minor children, who to name as an Executor to handle your estate and how to distribute your money and property. During your lifetime, the Will has no legal effect.

Patricia Hoffmann sits down with a client and determines what Estate Planning documents are best suited for them. It may be that a Durable Power of Attorney that springs into effect upon their incapacity and a Simple Will is all that is needed to accomplish their desires and wishes. However, upon looking at the client’s estate, the client may need additional planning based upon whether they have property in multiple states and wish to avoid multiple probates; or they need planning for children with special needs, retirement and asset protection planning, trust administration and tax planning. Estate Planning may involve tools such as revocable trusts, (i.e. living trusts), irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts, special needs trusts, and family limited partnerships.

Every client is different and unique in their own special way. Therefore, Patricia designs plans that are personalized to her clients. If those needs and desires change, Patricia works with them to make the modifications needed to accommodate their changing needs and desires. When you work with an experienced attorney, such as Patricia, you have the opportunity to achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your estate will be resolved in accordance with you wishes.

In Northern NJ, real estate closings are handled by attorneys. Why? For most people, the purchase of real estate is one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. When they find a property that they decide to buy, the Realtor writes up an offer and submits it to the Seller. After negotiating the price, they have an agreement. Under New Jersey law, the parties have three days to have an attorney review the contract and “open attorney review.” If attorney review is not opened the Contract binds the Seller and Buyer to the terms and conditions of that contract. So what does the attorney do that protects their client?

The Seller’s attorney reviews the Contract and objects to any of the “form agreement” terms that are not in the Seller’s best interest. Realtor form agreements have been written to protect the Realtor and to handle the basic transaction. Attorney review addresses ALL terms in the agreement. Most form agreements allow Realtor liens on the property for compensation, even if the Contract is terminated. Patricia reviews the contract and modifies it to protect her client’s rights in the property. In addition, the she oversees the paying of the Buyer’s deposits, repair requests, title concerns regarding the Seller and prepares the necessary closing documents such as the Deed, 1099-S Report Form, Residency Forms and Affidavits.

The Buyer’s attorney reviews the contract and objects to terms that are not in the Buyer’s best interest. A buyer may be purchasing a property expecting that they have a right to inspect the property and if the inspection determines that there are issues that need to be resolved, that they have the right to request for repairs or to terminate the Contract without any further liability and to have their deposit returned. However, the “form agreement” that was used may have stated that the property is in “as is” condition and that the Buyer’s don’t have a right to inspect the property or terminate the Contract because of inspection issues. Patricia would objects to the Contract and negotiate a Contract that protects her client’s rights and interests. In addition, she oversees the entire real estate transaction such as inspections, title, pay-off requests and coordinates the closing on the property.

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The office is located just South of Panera Bread and Dunkin Donuts in Sparta, NJ.

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